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LXCSLED Premium Performance Strip  

The premium-performance LXCSLED series is a group of 2’, 3’, 4’ and 8’ covered strip lights, which are designed as direct replacements for fluorescent strips. The LXCSLED series is designed to deliver general ambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings, including schools, offices, hospitals and stores, and is the perfect choice for both new construction and retrofits. This high-efficacy luminaire provides long-life and uniform illumination, as well as standard 0-10vdc dimming capability.

LXCSLED Premium Performance Strip Benefits & Features

• Available in 3500k (warm/neutral white), 4000k (neutral white) and 5000k (cool white) color temperatures.

• Long-life LEDs provide 122,000 hours of operation with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L70).

• LXCSLED2FT provides 2,348 luminaire lumens (117 lumens per watt, LPW) at 3500k; 2,600 luminaire lumens (130 LPW) at 4000k; and 2,432 luminaire lumens (122 LPW) at 5000k.

• LXCSLED3FT provides 3,129 luminaire lumens (125 LPW) at 3500k; 3,250 luminaire lumens (130 LPW) at 4000k; and 3,334 luminaire lumens (133 LPW) at 5000k.

• LXCSLED4FT provides 3,811 luminaire lumens (119 LPW) at 3500k; 4,224 luminaire lumens (132 LPW) at 4000k; and 4,256 luminaire lumens (133 LPW) at 5000k.

• LXCSLED8FT provides 8,450 luminaire lumens (130 LPW) at 3500k; 8,580 luminaire lumens (132 LPW) at 4000k; and 8,645 luminaire lumens (133 LPW) at 5000k.

• Uniform illumination with no visible LED pixelation.

• Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard.

• 0-10vdc dimming capability is standard.

• Power factor > 0.90.

• Total harmonic distortion < 20%.

• Color rendering index > 80.

• Steel housing and acrylic lens.

• Easy installation in new construction or retrofit.





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